Lyrics: Staffan - Music: Victor and Pontus


In the uncertain dice-throw of the chromosomes
Your life will be determined forever
X together with Y opens possibilities for you
But if X and X join together much has already gone wrong

The day you were born, everything was just fine
Your mother was happy, she laughed and felt joy
But something preyed on her mind
She knew - you were born a woman - you were born a slave

A doll was put in your hand
A toy-stove and a pram, you had to know your place
Then you got older and became restrained by your body
It was too late, you were already trapped

So here you’re sitting today, quite and tame in your chair
You have been reduced to a ghost, now you’re cool
You had the alternative to follow the way of the fight
But instead you find freedom in the muzzle of a gun

It takes an active fight… against sexism
It takes an active fight… against oppression